Stories of a Travelling Puzzle

Ever heard of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants?  How about the story of a travelling puzzle?

During lockdown, many of us turned to puzzles to keep us preoccupied, and lots of people were happy to share the benefits and joy that jigsaws bring by lending our puzzles to our friends and family members. We asked our customers and followers on social media about times they've shared their wooden jigsaw puzzles, and the tales came in from far and wide about their puzzle swaps. Unidragon Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles - Unique Shape Jigsaw Pieces  Best Gift for Adults and Kids Mysterious Lion 9.7 x 12.5 inches, 192  pieces, Medium: Toys & Games

Near, Far, Wherever you are

Most puzzles stayed relatively nearby - often to neighbours in need. One of our customers shared their Wentworth collection with their neighbour, and turned them into a full Wentworth convert, so now they won't do any other puzzles! It must be those fun and unique whimsy shapes!

We heard another story on twitter of a husband and wife puzzling team who got the pair of summer collection puzzles by Rebecca McCulloch - Harbour Houses and Summer Beach Huts - they did one each, and then swapped them over. You could even run a competition to see who could do each puzzle in the fastest time?

One of the stories we loved the most, was a small group of people who all worked in a pharmacy, and during their hard work over the pandemic, found out they all had a love of Wentworth puzzles in common! To help de-stress after all the extra pressure they were under, they decided to swap puzzles with each other - the jigsaws included Butterfly Kaleidoscope (one of our beautiful shaped puzzles), VE Day 1945 and a stained glass quilt puzzle, to name but a few. They probably talked about their progress during their lunch breaks!

However we were really fascinated to learn that some Wentworth Wooden Jigsaws go even further afield, sometimes even thousands of miles, and thus the story of the travelling puzzle was born.

A Hadrian's Wall Holiday Puzzle

One of our customers commented on how she and her family took a puzzle on holiday with them, to a cottage near Hadrian's Wall. They decided to leave the puzzle there for other holiday-makers to enjoy. We wonder how many people have since completed that puzzle on their trip.

Puzzles Down Under

One of the furthest examples of a travelling puzzle we got given was a lovely lady who bought her very first Wentworth puzzle at the Royal Chelsea Show in 2011. She took this jigsaw with her to Australia a few years later, so this jigsaw puzzle went to the other side of the world!

A Canadian Christmas Tradition Born

A travelling puzzle started a tradition for one family. They were sent a Wentworth puzzle all the way to Canada in a Christmas goodie bag from their friends in the UK. Ever since, they've bought a Wentworth every year which they have delivered to them in Canada, and start on New Year's Eve.

How many people..?

Jigsaw Puzzles don't only travel far, but to many people as well. Starting on an online jigsaw forum in Germany, a bunch of keen dissectologists took it in turns to complete a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle before sending it on, and so far has been done by over 15 people and travelled all over Germany!