Digital Detox with Time to Log Off and Wentworth Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have been in the spotlight during lockdown, and we are pleased that people have been able to experience the soothing effects of puzzling. With the benefits of completing jigsaws widely documented currently, this has encouraged a whole new wave of people to the puzzling community. Acquwistach Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Set for Kids 3-6 Years 12  Piece Colorful Wooden Educational Animal(4 Puzzles): Toys & Games

One of the main advantages of wooden jigsaw puzzles is encouraging you away from your screens, and with UK Unplugging Day just around the corner (Sunday 28th June 2020), we are teaming up with Time to Log Off - taking a look into why being so invested in our devices can affect our lives, how we can take steps to step away from our phones… and of course, how puzzles can be a great item to have during a ‘digital detox’


With a smartphone in our pocket the majority of our waking hours, it’s leading us to a feeling of “always being switched on” - the average smartphone user checks their phone every 12 minutes! The act of just receiving a notification, even if you don’t reply to it, is enough to severely distract you. Especially at the moment where many of us are working from home, putting us at an increased risk of feeling burnt out

However, Tanya Goodin, digital detox expert, author, and founder of Time to Log Off has spent her entire career focused on the interaction between people and technology. She’s looked into ways that we can take better care of our digital wellbeing - Ultimately, it’s not about ditching our devices for good, just learning how we start taking steps towards healthier habits surrounding our screen time. Which in turn will help us be more present in the moment and prioritise our real relationships and experiences over virtual ones.

A few things habits you can start working towards to improve your relationship with technology;

Do this quiz to see if you’d benefit from a digital detox

Try the 5:2 ‘Digital Diet’ - There’s even a handy Cheat Sheet!

Go for a walk at lunchtime - nature is a great antidote for burn out and you’ll feel refreshed and energised

Set some time aside in the evening to read a physical book instead of scrolling through articles online. We recommend one of Tanya Goodin’s digital detox books

Taking part in UK Unplugging Day



UK Unplugging Day, co-ordinated by Time to Log Off, is a UK-wide 24 hour break from the digital world to enable us to disconnect from our devices and reconnect with our family, friends, loved ones and communities in real life. You can find more info here

And although the majority of us won’t be able to commit to the full day, you’ll be so surprised at what even a few hours break can do!


So how can Jigsaw puzzles help?

A lot of us turn to our phones when we feel bored, so the best way to preoccupy yourself during a digital detox is with an ‘analogue alternative’ – Time to Log off have a series of “creative quarantine” ideas which include sewing and cooking. But they also agree that jigsaw puzzles are another excellent way to stimulate your brain, especially if you’re not feeling particularly creative!